Hethan Romund

Former Imperial Clerk, Researcher


Race: Human
Age: 51


Background: Now a renowned scholar, Hethan began her career in the halls of politics on Coruscant itself. Serving as an assistant in the Senate Clerk’s office she learned firsthand both the power of the written word and the hazards of forgetting them. While the Clone Wars were being fought, Hethan shuffled papers and continued her schooling with an emphasis on ancient civilizations. As the Clone Wars ended and the Empire took the place of the Republic, She kept her misgivings about the New Order to herself and resigned to become a full-time field researcher.

After her separation from direct Imperial gaze, she was able to use her research skills and sometimes blind luck to find and gather whatever she could about the Jedi order before Imperial agents wiped it out of existence. Along the way, she was often able to assist may sentient beings who themselves were Force sensitive and could make better use of what knowledge she had.

Hethan Romund

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